Your heart & expiration dates.

Sitting here thinking. All these things in my life. All the strings attached to my heart that I’ve strung voluntarily and unwillingly. No matter how tight they are, when tugged, they pull. And I’m sitting here thinking of all the things that I let tug away at it; this heart of mine.

And it brings me back to the smell of Autumn years ago, and how what pulled my heart then isn’t pulling my heart now. And it resonates with me for a second that I’ve moved on without that. Is there a hole left from what once tugged tight? Did I allow something or someone else to jump right in with their string of life and begin tugging? Did I even notice? Did it even hurt? Or was I so numb to that tug on my heart that I failed to realize how many strings I was actually tying?

I’m sitting here thinking of all these things that have come and gone. Relationships, trials, situations, conversations, friendships, challenges, interests — as if by entering my life they were hiding their expiration date. Screaming out not to look.

I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it and I didn’t even look for it. All these things that have passed through my life, they each contained one. I didn’t see them, and I’m thankful that I didn’t even try to look.

This whole idea of things coming and going so easily. I like it. Some nights it makes my heart swell with the truth that this life isn’t lasting and I relish in the comfort that that doesn’t scare me. And then other nights it makes my heart swell uncomfortably with the idea that the things I hold most dear have that same expiration date as well. It’s scary not knowing when you’ll lose something. What’s even scarier is the truth that it’s so insanely easy to treat life as if we control that expiration date. We walk away. We give up. We give in. We don’t reach out. We don’t reach in. We throw our hands up and say that this must be the end of something, because otherwise why would it be so hard?

But you know what love doesn’t have? Even though it’s stuck in this negative world with the grimy hands of sin clenching on to us every time we think we can live life on our own, without His help. Even though it’s difficult and trying more often than not… Love… It doesn’t expire.

Think about what you love. Think about what you would yell out if the booming voice of life told you to speak out about what you hold dearest to your heart. Think hard.

Because if it’s real love, you won’t have to think too long. Thoughts and images of things you hold dear will flood your veins as if your heart pumps heavy with the blood of His love.

I need you to hear me on this. Those things… Don’t let them expire. Don’t give up. Those things matter. Things pass through our lives so quickly.

Mark your love with the expiration date Jesus has placed in our hearts. Eternity.

Don’t let life pass you by.


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