Love Actually.

Life has been giving us handful after handful of lists and remedies for how to become something or find something. It’s a little exhausting trying to coin every list and mirror our lives by comparison time and time again. I love lists, don’t get me wrong. I love crossing things off of them even more. But lists don’t make things happen – we do. It’s easy to confuse lists as the means of getting things accomplished or bringing satisfaction to our lives, but really, it’s just something to distract us from the seemingly difficult truth that’s right in front of us. We are the ones who put action behind making things work. 

I’ve begun a new stage of my life, one that most certainly will be filled with highs and lows and not just mood swings. I’ve reached the one week mark of marriage — and no, I won’t be one of those who will post a happy anniversary each month for the rest of my life. 

I will however, be doing something to keep myself accountable, to keep myself growing, to keep myself learning, and to keep myself loving. I will not be searching the abyss we call the internet and I will not be picking up books with lists on “How To Be the Best Wife” or anything of the sort. However, each week, I will be posting something I have learned heavily or have felt has challenged me the most. Each week for the first year, I am committing to “submit” a lesson analysis (excuse my teacher self), for what God is teaching me through love, through marriage, and through Him. Not a list, or something that I can cross off, but a lesson that I can always look back on, learn from, and push me toward a heart that never stops growing. 

I don’t want this to be directed toward only those who are married. For the first twenty-one years of my life, love challenged me and bent me farther than I ever thought possible — and then I met my husband (I smile when I say that) and realized those were nothing in comparison to what love was going to teach me through him. Maybe it will help you, maybe you’ll exhale a sigh of relief and know that someone else out there feels the same thing you do or struggles with the same thing you do, and maybe it will encourage you. Many document memories with pictures, something I want to do more of too. But there is something about reading words from blessings I once received and wounds I once felt that make my nostalgic heart draw closer to Him time and time again. 

So be on the look out, here’s to the first year of the rest of my life.


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