“But I feel so alone.”

“We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love” // Mother Teresa.

Words have a way of speaking truth into our hearts. Words also have a way of ripping every shred of hope from our limbs. Words matter. Words speak volumes. This isn’t a word to encourage your heart. This is an open letter I am writing to myself.

I’m not writing this as a writer. I’m writing this as a needy heart. May it breath life into your soul, as the cold, brisk air of pre-winter days fill my lungs each and every morning.

Here it goes…

I believed that it would be easier. I honestly did. I believed I wouldn’t feel this way. I convinced myself with every fiber of my being, that when I chose this path, I wouldn’t feel lonely. I believed the world and the people in it would speak reminders of love to me. Yet some nights, I’ve convinced myself that the world has forgotten me. Who was I to think I was someone to remember?

We shy away from saying what our heart really feels. Often times, that is the only way we will overcome what we are feeling.

People don’t ask “How are you doing?” anymore, fully awaiting the pouring out of someone’s heart. People don’t strive to understand. People don’t strive to ask or even remind.

We live in a world consumed with the idol of being well known, yet wear masks, never knowing what people are hiding. Hiding, only waiting for someone, anyone, to ask.

The nights will come where you will feel alone. They will come in like a storm, and drench you with an anguish you never knew existed. They won’t always linger, but often times, they’ll overstay their welcome. You won’t be able to describe them. You won’t be able to understand their purpose or even their birth in your heart.

You’re going to feel alone. Perhaps, in every worldly aspect, you will be.

But the beauty of loneliness in this world is that God doesn’t adjust His power according to your needy heart. He remains the same. He doesn’t change or walk away or refuse to forgive and love. He’s there and He’s beckoning you to realize you’re loneliness is a human infested emotion.

He didn’t create you for loneliness.

People will make you feel alone. Circumstances will convince you that you are indeed, without. Life will hand you trial after heartbreak, and everything in between.

I may feel alone, but it’s nothing more than a feeling. My Savior is beside me.
People may forget me, but they’re just people. I don’t have to be people.

You know what lonely feels like. You’ve all felt it. Instead of allowing it to create a tangled web of heartache and misery, call it out for the demon that it is and refuse to play victim to it.

When people forget, don’t be people. Remember. Go out of your way.
When people don’t ask, don’t be people. Ask. Go out of your way.
When people don’t care, don’t be people. Care. Go out of your way.
When people don’t love, don’t be people. Love. Go out of your way.

Refuse to let anything consume you to the point where you become just like the world in all the confusion and chaos it creates.

You were made for this: to love, to share, to remind, to give, to care, to praise, to encourage – all for one reason and one reason alone: Jesus.

Love never takes the first step and then refuses to continue until something is given back to it.

It gives. Even when it’s ignored, even when it’s mocked, even when it’s forgotten, even when it’s left alone.

Because when love is left alone… what’s left?



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