The bills came.

The friend left.

The family abandoned.

The church is struggling.

The busyness is unending.

The ache lingers.

The body tires.

The voices yell louder.

“You can’t do this.”

“Give up.”

“Walk away.”


We can all add to that list. We can all make it longer. We can all make it uglier. We can all call it our own.

But at the end of the day, does your life really reflect what your list says? Is your worth really determined by what your list says?


You know that’s not the truth. You know that’s a lie. Why then, do you consume yourself with everything in it? The same reason I do.

You’re without one thing.

“Without faith, it’s impossible to please Him.”

We know that the lists don’t please Him. We know that the frustration, anger, and bitterness building up doesn’t please Him.

But do we ever stop to think that because we aren’t LIVING out that faith, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please Him?

I can maintain a good attitude when I’m around others, all the while being consumed by my list.

When we are consumed by the lists, the problems, and the worries in our lives, we are choosing to be without. We are choosing to be without faith in Him.

Faith that He will provide.

Faith that He will mend, restore, build up what is broken.

Faith that He will comfort and guide you.

Faith that REGARDLESS of what your list says, you are still His.

Faith that in the before, now, and in the end GOD IS STILL GOD.

Do me a favor, think of your list. I’m sure you won’t have to think very hard.

Now think of your faith, where it brought you from, and where it will continue to bring you.

Dwell in that in this moment. Dwell in that as you close your eyes tonight. Dwell in that instead of those lists.

We have little control over predicaments in this life that leave us without.

When it comes to our faith in God, our surrender to God, our trust in God — that choice is ours.

Choose faith.

Choose His heart.


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